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Curriculum Review

Notes for the Outreach Project:

Our Names:    

Miri & Ainne

Client’s Name:    

Mrs Ross

Client’s Needs:    

Mrs Ross needs an example of a book trailer, like a movie trailer except for a book.

Name of Project:    

Inkheart Book Trailer

Description of Project:    

We’re making an animated trailer for the book Inkheart, with scenes from the book as well as music and sound effects.


We had our first meeting with Mrs Ross sometime between when the project was announced, and some in mid-October.

We had a second meeting a couple weeks after that to show her our idea for the book trailer, and a storyboard.

As of Sunday, November 22, all of the frames were sketched out, and placed in a video (with sound effects and music) in order to have some idea of how the entire thing would look in the end, which was then uploaded to Youtube as an unlisted video: watch?v=1BZN1izF0UE

We had a meeting some time after November 22 to show Mrs Ross the trailer so far.

We had a meeting in December, shortly before winter break, to talk about how far along we were (we couldn’t show it though because all the frames were in gimp .xcf files which wouldn’t open without gimp plus even then it wouldn’t have been a good way to show them)

As of Monday, January 4th, we had all the frames outlined and most of them coloured in, and once all the frames in one scene are coloured

As of Wednesday, January 6th, the remainder of the frames were coloured, and they were all placed in Windows Movie Maker and made into an actual animation instead of a bunch of individual drawings. Sound effects and a song were added, and it was then uploaded as an unlisted video on youtube: watch?v=12361GI-f18

We had a meeting on Thursday, January 7th to show Mrs Ross the complete trailer, as well as hand in a copy of the MP4 from a USB, and to get Mrs Ross’s opinion for the analysis

We handed in Mrs Ross' analysis and our personal analysises to Mrs Belisle on Friday, January 8th, which was the project’s due date.


I Like Myself PSA Sound Notes:

Here are some of the sound effects which were used in the PSA, which were recorded by myself.

G Ross Lord park from background noises
My mom walking in the same park
Ceramic pepper things hitting each other
A metal bowl spinning around
A glass plate full of seashells
Crinkling a ball of paper
Crinkling the same ball of paper again



Design Report notes:

Illustrator vs Photoshop:

  Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are similar, but also noticeably different programs. Both can be used for drawing, though Illustrator is made specifically for that (as one can probably tell from the name). Illustrator uses vectors to make pictures, whereas Photoshop uses bitmap images (also known as raster images).

   The difference between vector and bitmap is that, in a bitmap image (such as what Photoshop uses), every single pixel is assigned its own individual colour (which may not be too visible when you zoomed out, but once you zoom in you can clearly see all the individual pixels and they make the image as a whole appear blurrier and less sharp), and they also take up more space than vector images. Using programs such as Photoshop would be a better idea than Illustrator if you plan on editing photos (on any bitmap program, not just photoshop), and making detailed illustrations (where you need individual pixels instead of just big shapes of colour), especially if you use a tablet rather than a mouse.

   Vector images use mathematical formulas to figure out what part of the picture should be what colour, rather than assigning every single pixel its own colour. As a result of this, you can easily scale up an image, or zoom in, and it the image will remain as clear as it was originally. You can also scale down an image and then blow it up again, and it will still look good, whereas if you did that with a bitmap image you would just have a blurry mess.

   Vector images take up less space on a computer because they don’t need to figure out the colour of every single individual pixel in an  image. Vector images can be converted into bitmap images through a process called “rasterization”. Vector images are better for making flowcharts and diagrams, as well as technical illustrations, drawings such as cartoons which are basically just mostly shapes put together (whereas a more realistic drawing would be harder to make with a bunch of shapes), and vector images are also better for typography related stuff so that the letters don’t get blurry.