Hello o/


Here are some videos I either made myself, or was involved in the creation of (most likely as the editor/main editor) :3

They are all (unlisted!) youtube videos, so that they can actually fit onto the page without bleeding off, and so that they do not all autoplay and so require individual pages for each one uwu

This is a video (the file is simply titled "Music PSA") that I helped make back in grade 8 (I was the editor):


"Got Your Back", A Day in the Life of a Bag, mostly edited by me (apart from one time on the last day before the project was due when most of the group stayed after school so that we would finish editing on time, but I had to go home and couldn't stay), made in grade 9:


A thing made in Cinema4D, when we had to figure out how to use the ~~brand new program~~ before we got to make our culminating assignments for grade 9 commtech:


The actual grade 9 culminating assignment:


This is my Outreach Project, which I made in grade 10 with Ainne for Mrs Ross the librarian:


Super Aces "I Like Myself" PSA, from earlier in grade 10, featuring a character who may be familiar to those of you who have looked at my flash things already, as well as a new character: